My little spider dream

My perception of reality is that nothing is impossible. And the words I sing, weave the reality I live and the world I present to all creatures for sharing.

This is my reality:
Everything is possible at its place and time. Which I do not determine. That is the rule. But I am not a ruler. I am the weaver. And I acknoledge the rule, but no rulers, and no masters of the rule. Because the rule belongs to all, not to one.
Because the rule is woven by all, not by one.
So everybody, take care of your centimeters of the rule. This you only rule, few centimenters.
And teach all weavers, to take care of their centimeters.
So the rule in its totality becomes healthy, and plenty of points of view, and in the end, circular and all-encompassing.
It becomes the Dream of the Spirit.

Whoever acclaims themselves as rulers of your centimeters, is cheating you out of your dream. And he or she becomes the ruler of your centimenters.
To whomever you surrender your centimeters, him or her you make your ruler, his or her dream you fatten, and it is you that starves.

You don’t need to stand in the centimeters of the dream of any-body to belong and be loved.
You already stand in the centimeters of the dream of your body. There you belong, there you find the supreme proof of love:
your existence in the Dream of the Spirit.